4-3-3 Possession SSG

4-3-3 Possession soccer game


1) Coach how to mantain possession in a 4-3-3.
2) Coach team shape in a 4-3-3.
3) Coach combination play in the central midfield.

• 32 x 22 yards (30-40 mins).  Field split into 3 zones. Age: 14-Adult. 17 Players (two teams of 7+3 Central Mids) in specific formations.  The space is deliberately small to encourage quick play. Provide tactical instructions for each team:  


Both teams:
1. 7 players (+3CMs)
2. 4-3-3 formation (With the CMs playing for the team in possession).
3. The players to begin with are not allowed to leave their coned zones.
4. Coach feeds balls from the sides of the field when ball exits play.
5. Players should be positioned as they would be in their typical 4-3-3 from game days.


Player Roles

• Main roles of the strikers are to free themselves up for forward passes.  They should also be providing high pressure on the defenders when in posession, working to prevent forward passing and intercepting where possible.
• Main roles of the midfielders are to connect the field.  Both the defensive players and provide support from behind for the front 3 players.
• Main roles of the defenders is to restrict space for opponent striker (prevent turning, dribbling, passing), provide support for midfielders, prevent long ball played in behind.
 In possession they need to spread early and provide passing options for the staging phase.

• Game starts when the coach plays a ball in from the side of the field to one of the sets of back four players.  When ball is played out the coach plays in another to the team that needs possession.

• Both teams score by successfully passing from the back 4, through the midfield to the forwards and maintain possession for 10 passes.

• The forwards can drop into the midfield zone and press and win the ball back.
• Add 2 small goals on each end line. See Diagram 4.
• Challenge players to play 1 touch in central midfield zones.

• Challenge players to play 2 touch in all zones.

Coaching Points
1) Play quick and with limited touches.
2) Maintain 4-3-3 shape.
3) Back 4 should open up quick when in possession to maximize the limited space.
4) Midfield 3 should be constantly rotating and moving to support the area of the field where possesion is.
5) Support. On regaining possession, support should be offered immediately for player in possession (after forward pass is made).
6) High press.  As the field is small when defending there should be high pressure immediately.
7) Movement of the front 3 to loose marks and get open for forward passing into feet.
Diagram 1 - Set-Up 
• Standard set-up with both teams having 4 defenders and 3 forwards (+3 CMs that play for both teams).

Diagram 2 - Playing through the CMs
• Play must always go through the central midfielders to connect the field.
Diagram 3 - Striker Possession
When the ball is in the attacking zone with the 3 forwards.  They should be working hard to make space and support eah other.
Diagram 4 - Progression
• Adding 2 small goals at either end is an option to develop finishing into the practice.  Limiting touches in the central zone also quickens play.
Increase the size of the field to allow players more space and time.  At the beginning this can also be used as a technical practice by using two balls and letting the two teams pass through each other (1 ball each team).  Both utilizing the yellow (CMs) to maintain possessiona and develop patterns.
Notes & Observations
Encourage quick play throughout.  Players should be using limited touches and clever movement to maintain possession.  When defending players should be able to press quickly as a result of their close proximity to the ball and other players.  This is a very specific practice to develop pattern play and relationships between key partnerships in a 4-3-3 formation.