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Tactical Football Trends

Within just the past decade the game has evolved without question. Professional team keep possession for longer periods, with longer passing sequences.  The completion rate of passing is higher. Counter attacking is more influencial in tactics.  More goals are scored from central areas of the field. Teams are able to control game tempo more effectively.  In additional several equipment changes (balls, boots, etc) and playing services have also evolved.
Where does this take us next and how do we develop tactics given these trends?

Football Aerobic Training Zones

Fig 1. 3 Basic Training Zones and for a Trained and Un-Trained Player

Pressing Lines of Confrontation

Mark out 50x70yrds. The teams play in specific formations. Both teams play a 3-2-2 formation.  Start position is indicated by SP1.  Later progressions of varying start positions are shown in diagram 2 below.